Unicode Rewriter

Unicode Rewrite is a Java tool to convert ID3 tags in MP3 files from whatever machine encoding you have (GB2312/GBK for Chinese, etc) to Unicode. It converts both ID3v1 tags and ID3v2 tags to Unicode-encoded ID3v2 (v2.3 or v2.4)

Wednesday, August 02, 2006


This software should work on any platforms which has a windowing system and Sun's Java 2 Runtime Environment Standard Edition, v. 1.4 or Java 2 Software Development Kit Standard Edition, v. 1.4. It may work with other Java environment besides Sun. You are welcome to report the version of the Java environment which works for you.

For Mac OS X and Windows users, double click "UnicodeRewriter-Installer.jar" will launch the installer. For Unix, this command will be useful:

java -jar UnicodeRewriter-Install.jar

Follow the instruction in the installer will lead to a successful installation of Unicode Rewriter.

Figure 1. Installation Screen

Installation Screen