Unicode Rewriter

Unicode Rewrite is a Java tool to convert ID3 tags in MP3 files from whatever machine encoding you have (GB2312/GBK for Chinese, etc) to Unicode. It converts both ID3v1 tags and ID3v2 tags to Unicode-encoded ID3v2 (v2.3 or v2.4)

Monday, July 31, 2006

Known Bugs

Although Java program can run everywhere, it may not work exactly the same on every platform. As this software is written for Mac OS X, it may not work properly on other platform like Linux or Windows. If you know how to solve the problems, please write to me. Below is the list of known bugs

Hidden Menu

When "Encoding" menu is browsed, some part of the menu is hidden. But after browsing for a long time, the problem disappears.

Figure 3. Menu is hidden (Windows 2000)

Menu is hidden (Windows 2000)

Figure 4. Menu is hidden (Linux - Xandros 2.0)

Menu is hidden (Linux - Xandros 2.0)

Figure 5. Menu is not hidden (Windows 2000)

Menu is not hidden (Windows 2000)

Drag & Drop

Drag & Drop feature is working fine on Mac OS X and Windows environment. But Linux does not allow drag and drop feature. This problem may be caused by the limitation of FileDrop library.